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Thu Sep 18 11:19:53 EDT 2003

To add to Gili's list, here are a selection of UK authors and books - almost
all from the last 5 years, and I should think almost all available in the
US, though there may be one or two exceptions. I've tried to give a spread
of realist genres too.

Anne Fine - *The Tulip Touch* (a tad early at 1996, but a wonderful
psychological study - if you liked, say, Nancy Werlin's *The Killer's
Cousin*, you'll like this even more).
Burgess, *Bloodtide* (Burgess's best by common consent, including his own -
gangland drama based on saga  literature)
Gaye Hicyilmaz *Girl in Red* - excellent study of love and prejudice, in
this case against gypsies.
Kevin Brooks, *Martyn Pig* - a darkly comic book about a boy who
accidentally murders his violent father and has to deal with the
consequences. (His next novel, *Lucas*, is said to be even better - it too
involves prejudice against gypsies, oddly.)
Adele Geras *Troy* - historical novel set in, er, Troy.
Aidan Chambers *Postcards from No-Man's-Land* (war, homosexuality, and
Jill Paton Walsh (ditto, but most of it will be older than 5 years - I loved
Michelle Magorian *Goodnight Mr Tom*, her best known, is over 20 years old,
but she has written a lot of good historical fiction (mostly WWII) since.


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