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Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at
Wed Sep 17 21:01:45 EDT 2003

Hi everyone
A brief de-lurk to ask for some advice.  I am taking a children's and YA
lit class this seemster, and one of our semester-long assignments is an
ideal yet daunting one: read as many children's and YA lit books as we can
(focusing primarily on those published in the last 5 years).  There are no
other restrictions.  Wonderful, yet overwhelming.  Just from being on the
list, I have a long list of sci-fi/fantasy books to choose from, but I am
a little less sure about what to choose from other genres.  Since we are
such a well-read bunch, I thought I would solicit some subjective
opinions.  I am looking both for books you find worthy of reading and
those you might have found problemtaic in some way, since those are often
interesting too for their own reasons.  I also know we have several people
on the list who teach children's and YA literature who have mentioned rom
time to time books they have taught.  Additionally, there are so
many people on the list who are not from the US, and I would be
really interested in suggestions of  authors from your countries (if of
course I can get their books in the US).  Please feel free to email
me directly, so that the list doesn't get clogged, although if there is
interest, I would be happy to compile a list of the responses I get and
post them in one email to the list.
Thanks in advance.
lpuszcze at

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