Help wanted: arthurian novels

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Wed Sep 17 19:58:49 EDT 2003

A slightly OT request:

I was teaching Sir Gawain and the Green Knight today (ObDWJ, her husband 
has written criticism on the poem), and my class surprised me with an 
upswelling of interest in all things Arthurian. I said I would give them 
some recommendations for further reading, both medieval and modern. What I 
want to ask you, the list, is whether those books by Bernard Cornwell are 
any good. I ask because they seem to be so readily available. I was going 
to suggest TH White, Mary Stewart, and of course Mists of Avalon for modern 
retellings, and Susan Cooper and Robertson Davies as people who use the 
legend without actually retelling. Any other suggestions?

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