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Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Tue Sep 16 15:45:03 EDT 2003

>  >I have the feeling I've seen it used at mock-British prep schools.
>To mean "kitchen", or to mean "dining-room"?  Please?

Don;t recall, but I expect it means the dining area (why would I have 
seen signs or directions to the kitchen?...)

I did a quick google on "refectory school": the first four pages were 
pretty  much all UK and Australia, except:
- Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts
- Yale Divinity School
The latter is on our map of the area (the former is labeled as 
"Dining", which we will fix next edition...), so I suspect that's 
what my vague memory was. Not a prep school but a divinity school. 
The Refectory at Yale is the dining room. Likewise at EDS.

>  >Oh, and the take-out stands by Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet here in
>>Minneapolis are called refectories. Don't know the history on that ...
>Probably somebody trying to sound more up-market than the establishment
>actually merited.  But those, presumably, are kitchen and dining-room in
>one, so it still doesn't help with my worry.

Actually, they are purely take-out windows -- kitchen and serving 
counter. You go eat on the park benches or walking around the lakes. 
And you;re right it does pretty clearly say "up-market," which is 
appropriate to the lakes area.

Nat Case
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