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Aimee wrote:

>If Sophie is Howl's 'old mother' aged, should we be expecting a
>thirty-five-year-old instead of an eighty year old? :)

I lack information about this particular film and don't have web to look at
these stills from it: are you saying that Sophie *is* depicted as being 35,
or that you fear she *will* be when she is meant to be "old"?  There is no
doubt at all that the studio *can* produce very fine aged faces and bodies
and movement; anyone doubting it could look at the village elders at the
beginning of *Princess Mononake*, each of whom is different and each of
whom is old in face and characteristics and each of whom looks very much
like him- or herself and not like any of the others.

The "grandmother" is not unknown in Japanese culture, after all.  If
they've failed to make Sophie old enough, it's a shame.  My fear was that
she might appear *too* old in the film!

>I know I sound harsh, but I am cautious about any adaptation of a book: I do
>so like it to do justice to it!

I plan not to re-read Howl before I see it, so that I am involved in the
film itself rather than seeing all the things in it that deviate from the
book.  Regardless of whether or not it is close to the book; what I am
hoping is that it may be a very fine film.  The bloke (as well as the
studio) has a good track-record; what I have seen of his has been
excellent; he seems to understand not only plotting but subtle stuff within
the plots (too subtle for the film critic of the newspaper I read to have
seen it at all, oh dear ooops!).

>Sigh. But hope shall endure! We shall see it when it comes, and then decide.

Indeed.  Off the usual track fairy-tale is something they've done before
and done rather well, let's hope they do this film rather well even if it
doesn't turn out to be just like the book.

It may well be very beautiful, whatever else we find wrong with it.
*Princess Mononake* has woods in it depicted in so breathtakingly lovely a
way that I was fair disappointed by the woods in *Fellowship of the Ring*,
by comparison.  So I am hopeful.


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