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Tue Sep 16 10:12:04 EDT 2003

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 08:29:34 -0400 (EDT), deborah wrote:

>Just finished MM.
>|  American schools do nearly always have full kitchens.
>Though they aren't often called "refectory" in the US.
>It felt sort of US/English blend, to me, in the Scholastic edition.  It
>also made me somewhat sad, as the Seventh Tower books did.  Nix has such
>great idea, but these last two series his writing has been of a lower
>quality.  He frequently used "Arthur knew instinctively" as a shortcut
>way to let us know whether somebody was a good guy or bad guy, rather
>than showing us with character development.  And there was serious
>overuse of exclamation points.  The story seems potentially fascinating
>-- sort of World of Darkness meets His Dark Materials.  I wish he were
>writing it at top form.

What I don't like is the implication that, because this is a "younger" book,
that younger readers don't care or won't notice the difference.  Myself, I
don't like training them up to imagine that adverbials are appropriate

But I haven't read _Mister Monday_ yet.  It's on my shelf--got it randomly
from the library before this discussion started--but I've been busy with
other things.  So I may change my mind later and have all sorts of
explanations and justifications for how it's written.  I seem doomed to be
the champion of books for the unwashed masses these days.

Melissa Proffitt

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