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  Aimee wrote:

  Could it have been done deliberately? Are we sure it's set in our world, in a city we know? Haven't read it so I don't know if there are any mistake-type contradictions (i.e. Mom and then Mum in the same sentence), but this seems possible. There could be all sorts of reasons we don't know about... Wouldn't be the first time Nix or anyone has mixed seemingly disparate elements.
  Aimee (being hopeful again).

  This has entered my mind too, in that an aspect of the this-world setting seems to show that it's set in the near-future or possibly an alternative universe (don't want to give any spoilers). But, even as I think about this, that wouln't really seem to explain the contradictions, which, admittedly, are only in some details, which seems to indicate sloppy editing or confusion on the part of the editors. If the contradictions were deliberate, it seems to me that they would concern such trivial details.

  But you never know, maybe it will become clearer in the sequels...

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