Howl pics

Aimee Smith s4028253 at
Mon Sep 15 19:37:43 EDT 2003

>Katta said:
>I'd say they look just right, if it wasn't for the fact that they both look
>around *ten*.
>...I doubt I'll ever get used to anime style...

>Rowena said:
>And Howl is just a bit clean and nice looking (and dare I say it, not sexy
enough??) for someone who is essentially >heartless.

I say:
Too right, on all counts! The pictures are pretty, but...
If Sophie is Howl's 'old mother' aged, should we be expecting a
thirty-five-year-old instead of an eighty year old? :)
I know I sound harsh, but I am cautious about any adaptation of a book: I do
so like it to do justice to it!
Sigh. But hope shall endure! We shall see it when it comes, and then decide.

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