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  Anita wrote:

  I was the person who originally posted about Mister Monday. The edition I have is an American one which I bought in Singapore. I can't remember Mom/Mum, but I did notice ax (instead of axe) and perhaps a few other things. When I read it first time I thought it was set in the UK, and so I did notice the Americanisms. 

  I reread it looking for anything which indicated a specific location, but couldn't find any.  The description of the school and neighbourhood are deliberately generic I think. 

  I think you're right. But if so, it's been clumsily done, either by Nix himself or his publishers, because there are quite a few contradictory Australian/UK and American hints.

  And mostly Arthur refers to his Mother, rather than calling her anything at all. (We don't meet his mother in Mister Monday, anyway.)

  True, though I've now come across a few references to "Mum" in my edition.

  Arthur wears a uniform, but the description of the school doesn't sound all that like an Australian school.  Seventh Grade does sound American to me - when I was at school it was definitely Grade 7, and West Australian schools now use Year 7.

  I agree--it doesn't feel like an Australian school to me, either. I 'd be interested to know if it feels to anyone like a British school.

  Perhaps my assumption of an English setting was based on the other-world, which definitely has a British Beaurocracy feel to it.

  Yes, agreed.

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