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The inconsistencies are almost certainaly due to a clueless editor on the 
road paved with good intentions, but still. 

For the record; over the past few years there has been a growing movement to 
encourage uniforms at American public (as in tax-supported "council") schools. 
This movement has been particularly active in poorer inner-city areas where 
there is a major problem with gang activity. Uniforms=no gang identification 
tags to stir things up. At least not in the minds of administrators. (It will 
take the kids all of ten minutes to redefine their signals.) The movement is 
also spoken of favorably by the parents who have gotten a bellyful of the status 
games kids play with their parent's money. 

I suspect it is really going to take another decade if/before it takes hold 
anywhere else, but it *is* out there and some American schoolchildren *do* wear 
uniforms to their public schools.

American schools do nearly always have full kitchens.
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