Mister Monday

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Sat Sep 13 09:04:37 EDT 2003

I was the person who originally posted about Mister Monday. The edition
I have is an American one which I bought in Singapore. I can't remember
Mom/Mum, but I did notice ax (instead of axe) and perhaps a few other
things. When I read it first time I thought it was set in the UK, and so
I did notice the Americanisms. 
I reread it looking for anything which indicated a specific location,
but couldn't find any.  The description of the school and neighbourhood
are deliberately generic I think. And mostly Arthur refers to his
Mother, rather than calling her anything at all. (We don't meet his
mother in Mister Monday, anyway.)
Arthur wears a uniform, but the description of the school doesn't sound
all that like an Australian school.  Seventh Grade does sound American
to me - when I was at school it was definitely Grade 7, and West
Australian schools now use Year 7.
Perhaps my assumption of an English setting was based on the
other-world, which definitely has a British Beaurocracy feel to it.
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