DWJ meet

meredith meredith at leemac.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Sep 12 15:39:17 EDT 2003

Just to add thanks to everyone who helped the day in Bristol, and to say how
nice it was to meet everyone.

I also just thought I'd let everyone know that after my misguided attempt to
relive childhood by plummeting down Bristol's rock slide, I discovered the
next day that I had an absolutely massive and very colourful bruise on my
bum. In the interests of good taste I am not attaching a photo, but imagine
if you can a thick and lumpy pancake liberally splotched with strawberry and
blackberry jam - and that's what my bum looks like!

Next time I shall encourage other people and stay behind a camera myself!

Cheers, Meredith

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