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Tue Sep 9 23:00:40 EDT 2003

My photos are up, and Craig has some up as well:



It was indeed a great day!  Being rather shy I tended to chat to the list people more than DWJ herself but I did introduce myself and asked a couple of questions that I had been wondering about for a while.

The main question was to do with the books Tom sent Polly in F&H.  Of the ones listed I had read all but one and they were favourites of mine.  I always wondered what were the ones that weren't listed.  DWJ said that you were meant to fill in the blanks with your own favourite books that every child should read, and she hoped some of hers would get in there!

I also asked about her favourite cover art.  She said that she liked the new cover of Fire and Hemlock with the bubbles on it, and also an old cover for the same book - I think it was who Ven had a copy of it - can you post the details Ven?

DWJ also signed the stack of books I had accumulated in the months I was in the USA (I just can't walk past a bargain DWJ book), which was very nice of her!  

It was great to meet everyone who was there, and I would love to do this again sometime and meet some more of you!  Minnow, you are wonderful!  And Charlie, you are wonderful too!

(back in Australia and fighting jetlag)

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