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Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 20:12:25 EDT 2003

What everyone else said! Especially Amanda who
said Wow! 

In person Diana was the way I had expected from
her "answers to questions" on the website,
charming, patient and kind,  what struck me most
was her aura of benevolence. I don't believe I've
met anyone quite like her. It was obvious how
much she was enjoying the day and I was so glad.
I mean she was giving up her time and giving us
so much.......

I also forgot most of the things I had meant to
ask about. The one I remembered was about the
frequent theme of "bindings" particularly in "The
Merlin Conspiracy" . Diana agreed that it was an
important theme to her, she thinks that to bind
anyone is to have a great responsibility. Early
on the conversation touched on Black Maria and I
said that it had been a bit of a wake up call to
me as I realised that sometimes I used Maria-ish
manipulation on people (at the time I had a pair
of goodnatured student lodgers.....). Someone, to
my left said that everyone does it sometimes and
Diana was among those who murmured agreement. 

When we arrived at the bridge I had forgotten my
cigs and scavved one off Diana, this made me feel
pleased in a foolish, fannish manner. It was
lovely weather, breezy, bright and reasonably
warm  so we took our time processing across the
bridge and back again. It was a good opportunity
to talk with more people but I still didn't get
to chat with everyone, as I would have liked to. 

While In was at Minnow's on Friday night she gave
me a proof copy of the Firebird anthology to
read(have I got the name right) naturally I
started with Diana's story, Little Dot. I spoke
to Diana about this on the bridge but will have
to reserve our conversation til the book comes
out..... I can safely tell you that Little Dot is
a cat.

Amanda gave a lovely round of thanks, which I
second. Also  thanks to Minnow and Charlie and
their respective charming partners and children
for putting me up on Friday and Saturday night.
And to Minnow for letting me read the
aforementioned Little Dot and her copy of The
Skivers' Guide, and to Charlie for the same
favour with Dwj, an Exciting and Exacting Wisdom.
Thanks also to everyone there for being there and
being themselves (I would have said being their
charming selves but I've been  overusing the
word).  And Gill I do hope your knee and ankle
feel better. 

I may well add more later  but here's one thing I
have rememembered. While we were milling around
outside the pub before going to the bridge --
just like a herd of cats -- various photos were
taken, some with some witchy dance hand flicks. A
white haired lady with a bicycle came through,
gazing at us with some astonishment. I imagined
her to be thinking "I'm sure that's one of my
neighbours egging all these people on to do this
strange flicking of the fingernails....."



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