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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Mon Sep 8 04:47:25 EDT 2003

I too have posted some photos of the meet. The site is: and the relevant album is entitled, 
suprisingly, "DWJ pubmeet". I password-protected it in case anyone is shy 
about people off the list seeing their pictures, the password is 
"Chrestomanci". If anyone would like me to remove their picture, just drop 
me a note to my *NEW* email address: gbhillel at

I'd like to thank Kylie for the idea, Minnow for seeing it through and 
Charlie for helping it happen, Roger for maintaining the meeting list (and 
for staying back to help us with the baby's pushchair...) and everyone for 
showing up and contributing. I was very glad to meet you all, and I wish 
more people could have made it over. If there is a next time, I wish we 
could have it somewhere where it would be easier for everyone to sit around 
in the circle and participate together, I didn't feel that I got to know 
everyone who showed up. Some of us are very shy people and need others to 
pull us out a bit. I'm not the shyiest, and I know how tongue-tied and 
awkward I felt, and how I completely forgot most of the questions I had been 
meaning to ask! But all in all it was a very lovely afternoon. Thanks most 
of all, of course, to DWJ herself for agreeing to come and meet us all and 
being so charming!

I've spent a good hour just dealing with photographs, and I'm much behind on 
work, so I won't write up my experience of the meeting just quite yet. But I 
will share what DWJ told some of us about the book she's currently writing: 
it's another Chrestomanci book, set on a world in series 7 when Christopher 
Chant is 15 years old, an age at which, as Diana put it, people often get it 
all wrong. DWJ said she had been expecting to have finished the first draft 
by now, but August was one of those months when everything happens at once, 
and the book itself is just filling up with too much to tie together neatly. 
So perhaps she will start the second draft without quite finishing the first 
and see if that helps her to finish it. When I asked if she ever takes out 
details to use in other books, she laughed and said that no, everything 
that's coming to her definitely belongs in this book. But she did say that 
perhaps she needn't always write about everything she knows. And she said 
that her sister, Ursula Jones, is also writing a book right now and is also 
stuck somewhere near the end.

I wish you could all have been there, and I wish I could have attended all 
the conversations that went on there!

Gili Bar-Hillel
Tel-Aviv, tel.(03)5250014

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