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Anita Graham amgraham at
Thu Sep 4 08:13:09 EDT 2003

I sent a post to the list last week, about the new Garth Nix series. I
haven't seen it on list, and as I was travelling I didn't use my usual
software, so I'm resending just in case... Sorry if this is a repeat.

I've not been active on the list for a while I know, but did I miss an 
announcement of the new Garth Nix series? 

I was totally pleased when airport bookshop browsing two days ago to 
spot "Mister Monday" by Garth Nix, and I'm even more pleased now,
because its a 
book I can read twice, at least. 

Sadly, there's no sign of Grim Tuesday on the shelves yet. 

This is a children's book - for children younger than those who might
Sabriel et al, and lots of fun. The main character has just turned 11 -
so once 
again that's the magical age where adventures happen (Will in the Dark
Rising had just turned 11, and I'm sure there are other books where 11
is THE 

So far I have spotted references to Arthurian legend (in more than just
main character being named Arthur), the Pied Piper, Prometheus, perhaps 
Yggdrasil (spelling?), and more. 

I really think DWJ fans will enjoy this, and with the best of luck,
we'll enjoy 
the rest of the week too. 

BTW, I bought the book at Changi (in Singapore) and its a US edition
calls his mother Mom, although I think he lives in a near future UK.
I'll have 
to check more closely.) 

Anita (in KL today, but moving on...) 


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