Reading aloud (was Pooh!)

Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Wed Oct 22 00:08:48 EDT 2003

When I was quite small, my father got sick of reading Little Red Riding Hood
to me and started reading Little House in the Big Woods. My mother didn't
think he put enough expression into it, so she started reading it. From then
until I went to boarding school in year 11 my mother read out loud to us
every night and many days while my sister and I drew or sewed and my father
did the dishes. We read many books. I always chose Narnia and my sister
chose The Silver Brumby. We read Dickens and Lawson, Shakespeare, Harper
Lee, Shaw and many, many others (including at least one biology textbook).
Besides this, we would read a chapter of the Bible out loud each morning and
often still be there at lunchtime with concordances and interlinear texts
spread out across the kitchen table. I also remember my parents reading
C.S.Lewis' theological books and collections of sermons to each other.
Aimee and I often read aloud to each other when we can't agree on who gets a
book first. We've read several Pratchetts and half a dozen DWJs and the
Order of the Phoenix (almost all in one night). I have a friend who wants me
to read LotR to her - I haven't read that out since I read it to my sister
in 1995. I also read to my father a great deal - when he could still drive,
I was banned from reading Pratchett to him because it made him cry with
laughter. I also read whatever military history book he's on at the time.

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