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> Of her novels, my two favorites are 'The Blue Castle' and 'Rilla of 
> Ingleside.'  I think that 'The Blue Castle' is probably her best work, in 
> part 
> because the romance of it is balanced by aspects that incorporate not only 
> bad 
> things in life but normal things as well: Montgomery includes the death of 
> an 
> unwed mother (who admittedly dies in a rather sappy sort of way) and a 
> family 
> that is not abusive, but rather inattentive, unremarkable, and unconcerned 
> with 
> the main character.  'The Blue Castle' is a modern fairy tale, and while it 
> has 
> fairy tale elements (though no magic, per se) and a gorgeously happy ending, 
> it 
> also has these honest notes of sadness and this honest despair that comes 
> not 
> from bad events, but from a lack of events--from a life that does not live 
> up 
> to the perceived ideal.

It's funny, I know lots of people who feel as you do about _The Blue Castle_, 
so presumably there's something in it, but I really don't like it much. It 
seems way, way too much wish-fulfillment to me. I suppose it's a question of the 
plot versus the tone, or something. The two clash, which for me ruins the 
effect, for you produces an interesting contrast (if I understand you correctly).

Helen Schinske
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