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Jennifer said...

> I've been reading Noel Streatfield and L.M. Montgomery from the library-
> pleasantly nostalgic, but interesting. Montgomery, to me, seems a lot
> when she's being funny/anecdotal about village life than when she's
> things she thinks are Important- a lot of the stuff about the beautiful
> imaginations of young poets, and a good half of Anne's House of Dreams, is
> sickly sweet and unbelievable.

I must admit that I find much of Montgomery's *other* work rather better
than the "Anne" series; I'm deeply enamoured of the "Emily" trilogy and also
recommend "The Blue Castle", "A Tangled Web" and "Jane of Lantern Hill", all
of which have some impressively awful relations (sometimes I wonder about
LMM's family!) and a lot of nice "village interaction" bits.  (Though "The
Blue Castle" *is* a very gooey romance, too!)
> I don't think a Starbucks only the size of one person would be very
> you'd get about half an espresso machine, which would promptly explode in
> cloud of steam. And it wouldn't be as coherent about bad fantasy, either.

May I request that the listmembers try to refrain from being funny for a few
days?  I have a chest infection, and laughing makes me cough, and coughing
hurts (feels rather as though broken glass were involved somewhere, though
at least the little man with the pickaxe who was stabbing me at every breath
yesterday has finally buggered off).  Thank you all so much.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian (suffering).
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