Susan Cooper

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed Oct 29 06:11:29 EST 2003

Minnow wrote:
> > The Old Ones really *do* have a high and lonely destiny. It 
> > doesn't seem to me that there is very much in it for them, 
> > when it comes down to it. 

Charlie wrote:
> How does this compare with the Magids, I wonder? 

It doesn't exactly map, does it, because there are more magid-potential people than magids- they have to agree to it and be trained. They don't get paid, but they do get the satisfaction of using their magic, going to other planets, knowing about the structure of the universe- I think they have more fun than the Old Ones. 
The Undying are born to it in a similar way to the Old Ones. But there is the question of whether some of them can avoid being gods if they stay anonymous.

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