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>Speaking of sources, has anyone else read Greer Gilman's *Moonwise*?  She
>had not when she wrote it read either *The Golden Bough* or *The White
>Goddess*, and all the old-religions-ish-ness in it is, she claimed,
>entirely based on English folk-songs.  That's where *she* got the Cutty
>Wren from; which makes me wonder where Cooper found it.

I've read about thirty pages of it, and decided it was not to my taste.
Very intricate prose, but not as long on plot as I like.  I should have kept
it, though, because one of my reading group friends knows Gilman and says
she was looking to buy up copies of the book.  It would have been nice to be
of use there.

I think I assumed the Wren came from the folk songs, but in the last few
months I came across another mention of the same ritual/myth that I think
had a different source.  But I am too addled now to remember what it was.

I am very fond of the idea of authors basing a mythology on folk music.  It
seems you would have a lot of gaps you could fill in with your own ideas,
and one of my favorite things in novels is when two or more disparate ideas
are stitched together so perfectly that you are convinced that's how it
really should be.  I think it's what I like about Tim Powers.  I also like
what Jim Butcher is doing with horror/fantasy tropes along similar lines:
for example, integrating three major concepts of vampire into a single Court
rather than choosing just one.

Melissa Proffitt

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