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Tue Oct 28 21:20:33 EST 2003

>Charlie replied to Robyn:
Actually, this was me:

> >I think there is an elitist element - I
> >> was going to say racist, but I suspect it is actually more an intellectual
> >> superiority thing - in the books. Cooper is clearly oblivious to this,
> >> because there she is preaching about racism in Silver on the Tree, when
> >> Will's family are all morally superior to the father of the bad boy who
> >> has been bullying. I say she's oblivious because there's this message 
> about
> >> the Old Ones preventing evil, but never any sense that they should 
> reflect on
> >> their methods.
>(To put in a small murmur here: if it is elitist actually to *be* morally
>superior in the matter of not attacking a small and defenceless child,

That's not what I said. I said there was and elitist element. (Period) 
THEN, I said I found it an odd contrast that she could point out racism, 
but not engage with the idea that maybe the Old Ones were elitist/racist. I 
did not say it is elitist to oppose racism.

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