Rowling and elitists

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Oct 28 21:11:10 EST 2003

> > Have you noticed how often people who go on about this make simple
> > grammatical errors? Speaking as someone who teaches stylistics, I don't
> > understand this notion of absolutes anyway. Writing style is partly
> > aesthetic, like painting or music - sure, you can make judgements about
> > technique, but it isn't the only element.
>Actually, in this instance, the person Melissa is aggravated by (he 
>aggravates me too, but Melissa is carrying the family torch on this one :) 
>is a Professor and isn't making grammatical errors.  Which only makes it 
>that much more frustrating because the elitism is to some extent 
>externally reinforced by credentials.

I dunno, some pretty shady people get to call themselves Professor - all it 
takes is teaching one course at community college :)

It horrifies me when I hear about people teaching writing like there is a 
correct style for fiction: you know, no more than x adjectives per 
paragraph and that kind of stuff. Way to kill people's creativity. If you 
want rules and formulae, go be an engineer or a chemist or something.

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