Rowling and elitists

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Tue Oct 28 18:51:10 EST 2003

Jacob explained:

>Actually, in this instance, the person Melissa is aggravated by (he
>aggravates me too, but Melissa is carrying the family torch on this one :)
>is a Professor and isn't making grammatical errors.  Which only makes it
>that much more frustrating because the elitism is to some extent
>externally reinforced by credentials.

Hah!  Just being a professor doesn't cut it!  I have proof-read professors'
works, and sometimes the grammar and spelling in 'em would shame "my
sister's ten-year-old, and he gets a nose-bleed reading the Beano".

(If anyone gets the quote there, please say, and then we can have a
cheerful discussion about some first-rate old-fashioned thud-and-blunder
thrillers by one of the very few writers I have ever encountered who can
write a Cockney accent without making me cringe.  Ob DWJ, she has expressed
approval of this author...)

Some of the silliest opinions can come out of the groves of academe,
anyhow.  Just because they are written in impeccable grammar doesn't mean
they are less daft than a mahogany frying-pan.


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