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>Seems to me that elitism could come in several forms, the most blatant being
>a 'Yah boo, I can travel through time and you can't and that makes me better
>than you' kind of attitude. I just don't see that in Will or Merriman, to be
>honest. But there is a slightly subtler form of elitism which you might be
>able to accuse them of, in their sense of noblesse oblige - the Light Man's
>Burden perhaps. Without straying into postcolonial studies too far, I'd have
>thought it was worth comparing the Old Ones' withdrawal from the human world
>to the withdrawal of a self-consciously benevolent colonial power (e.g.
>Britain) from some 'backward' nation after it had set up a rudimentary
>democracy, civil service, etc. You can just about manage on your own now,

Interesting you should make this comment - I have just been reading some 
Chinua Achebe. Basically he writes from the other side of this equation, 
talking about how it feels to be one of the 'chaps'. I guess it maybe made 
me sensitive to the issue, and now that you have labelled it, Merriman and 
Will do have a very colonial attitude.

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