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Mon Oct 27 20:53:57 EST 2003

I just finished _Quicksilver_ by Neal Stephenson and _The Lord of Castle
Black_, finally, finally, by Brust.  _Quicksilver_ was very good.  Typical
Stephenson, though, and I don't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like
really long or mildly gruesome books.  It's clearly a single work in three
parts (of which Q is the first volume) but he manages to wrap up the most
vital plot points, so it's fairly satisfying.  I love that it's about
scientific history and that so many real people are represented.
Revolutions, royalty, the French Court, inventions, and kidneystones.

_Castle Black_ was as expected.  I can't tell y'all how much I love the
style...I know how bizarre that sounds to some of you, but it cracked me up
several times, like when Paarfi goes on for a paragraph about why authors
choose not to divulge information because it increases the reader's suspense
and therefore enjoyment.  Very fun.

I am jealous of anyone who has already read _Well of Lost Plots_.

I also had to read a book by Wen Spencer called _Bitter Waters_.  It is the
third in a series and I really dislike them.  She might as well have slapped
a Mary Sue label on the love interest.  The idea in general is okay, but
this is a case in which I wish it had been given to someone else.

I'm tired, I'm cranky, I have too much to do, and in general I just feel
like I am taking up space that might be better filled by something really
useful, like a Starbucks.  I'm glad I even have time to read these days.  We
are gearing up for Halloween, the writers conference, and the monthly church
newsletter, all of which are due on the same weekend.  The kids have some
great costumes: an Egyptian princess, two knights, and a giant butterfly.
One of the knight costumes I am especially proud of, as it is silver lame
quilted into the shape of armor plates, and a silver helmet with horns.

If you want to know what the schedule is like for this writers conference,
the URL is:

That schedule is less complete than it should be, but I don't have any
control over it and what's more, I just don't care.  I ended up responsible
for two sessions in the morning and three of the four columns at the bottom.


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