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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Oct 24 09:09:54 EDT 2003

Exams and course finally over - yippee! - and I'm starting to catch 
up on email, lists, conferences, forums...

A while ago I read a review in Locus of _Paper Mage_, by Leah Cutter, 
and asked if anyone here had read it: apparently nobody had.  I 
recently got a copy from BookCrossing and would now be even more 
interested to see if anyone had read it.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, 
especially liked the quite different system of magic in the book.  I 
also started noticing ancient China-style riffs on a few Tough Guide 
themes, which amused me.  And there was even an episode which 
reminded me a bit of Dark Lord, though without a Scales to help out. 
Anyone else read it?  If anyone in BC (or willing to join - it's not 
painful, really!) would like it, I'd be happy to pass it along.  Just 
write to me off-list if you'd like it.

Wading my way through tons of unread messages, I just came across a 
comment which fascinated me.  Someone said Megan Whalen Turner had 
written that was a big fan of both Rosemary Sutcliff and DWJ, and 
there were tributes to both in _The Thief_.  Cool, hunh?  I can't 
figure out what they are, and our copy is out on loan again, but 
can't wait to reread with this in mind!

Finally, just finished _The Well of Lost Plots_  (signed copy too, 
Fforde must have been in Dublin.  Sigh.)   I was half wondering 
whether the series might be starting to wear a bit thin, but found 
the opposite instead.  Not only did this make me laugh a lot more 
even than the other two, but I also found the style smoother, and it 
seemed somehow less just fun fluff.  (All IMHO, of course.  Standard 
disclaimer.)   The Bookie awards at the end were priceless.  It's too 
tempting to quote favourite bits and spoil them for people, but I'll 
try to resist!    The witches though!  The generics!   :-)


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