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Wed Oct 22 21:05:38 EDT 2003

--- Emma Comerford <emmaco at> wrote:
(on Celia dart-Thornton)
> Someone else (Jon?) has noted the introduction of
> Australian flora into the books, and I also 
> found this a bit strange. In my mind I'd have this
> nice British setting, complete with mythical 
> British creatures, and then a casuarina tree would
> be mentioned and I'd be thrown out of the 
> scene!
> I'm glad you liked them though - I wanted to like
> them, if only because the author is Australian!

yes,  t'was me, and it still annoys me about these
books. Otherwise I enjoyed them, especially the
ending, of which I will say no more. However those
Australianisms......If she'd left some way for them to
be justified in the story I'd have been happy - a hint
of a portal to our world, or hints of non-European
mythologies, but none of this. I was left rather
hoping for a Bunyip. I'd be interested in how any
non-Aussies who have read these books felt about this
- or even if they noticed it.


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