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>When I read this, my first thought was of a friend whose native language is
>(Mexican) Spanish.  We watched "Billy Elliot" together and ended up 
>turning on
>the English subtitles because she had a hard time understanding it (and I 
>a bit, too).  "Bend It" isn't quite as hard to understand, but it does have
>moments when it's a bit incomprehensible to those of us who speak American
>English (I had to define words like 'slag' and 'wank' for my mom, though wank
>might have actually been from something else. . . in any case, there were
>several things I had to 'translate').  I would think that that would make it
>harder for ESL students, as both the words and the accents were at some 
>a little exotic, as it were.

The beauty of the medium of DVD is that one can show the film with 
subtitles. I was thinking that this would help with the accent issue. 
Vocabulary is another thing, but they are supposed to be improving their 
understanding of the language. I don't know if Mexican students speak US 
English or some other variety. There's going to have to deal with my 
accent, anyway.

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