Memory and Cooper

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Oct 21 18:24:54 EDT 2003

On Cooper's beliefs, it might be useful to quote the conclusion of her 2001
Arbuthnot Lecture:

"Me, I haven't the absolute certainty necessary to be either a Christian or
an atheist: I am, I suppose, an agnostic. *Agnostic: unknowing.* I do not
know - why, or how, or who.
    "I only know that we are here in this astonishing universe, surrounded
by beauty and love and anger and cruelty, and that the whole thing is a
profound mystery. And that I'm grateful, in the fog of this mystery, for
loving and for talent: for the chance to be able to tell stories to
children, about life and death and new life, stories that say, at their
heart: *Look at this wonder!*
    "The stories may not be founded upon faith, but I think they're full of
    "Maybe hope will do."


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