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> I think I might go with Sallyo's "Dragonsong" suggestion - I was thinking 
> of teaching the film Bend it Like Beckham, and Dragonsong is quite 
> thematically similar, so it would work well. ie I can make them write a 
> comparative essay about pursuing ambitions that your parents don't approve.

When I read this, my first thought was of a friend whose native language is 
(Mexican) Spanish.  We watched "Billy Elliot" together and ended up turning on 
the English subtitles because she had a hard time understanding it (and I did, 
a bit, too).  "Bend It" isn't quite as hard to understand, but it does have 
moments when it's a bit incomprehensible to those of us who speak American 
English (I had to define words like 'slag' and 'wank' for my mom, though wank 
might have actually been from something else. . . in any case, there were 
several things I had to 'translate').  I would think that that would make it 
harder for ESL students, as both the words and the accents were at some points 
a little exotic, as it were.

I feel almost like I'm advocating that you dumb it down, and I don't mean 
that. . . but I am reminded of my attempts to understand subdialects of 
Japanese, all of which failed miserably ^_^

and on an almsot totally unrelated note: if I was Keira Knightley, I would want 
to do somthing to ensure that I was called poppet in almost all of my movies.  
It seems to work well for hr ;)

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