Memory and Cooper

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Mon Oct 20 18:41:00 EDT 2003

>Perhaps we are talking at cross-purposes, but I'm not sure.

I think we must be.

>I read Robert Graves after I became a pagan, and I felt that it was a work
>of fantasy fiction in the mythological tradition, based loosely on _The
>Golden Bough_, which I was able to struggle through more of. (Despite the
>extremely biased and twisted ethnography of _The Golden Bough_, it is at
>least internally consistent.)

Not quite sure what you mean by you read Robert Graves. I was referring to 
the specific poem (a translation of Amergin) by Graves, quoted in Cooper.

>Now, this was long after I read Susan Cooper, and I did NOT see it as
>'spiritual' but as fantasy based. Perhaps we are using a different
>definition of 'spiritual'-- there are no personal Gods or Goddesses, only
>powerful forces and mythological powers. So perhaps what I mean by
>'spiritual' is not the same as what you mean by 'spiritual'?

I am not sure what you mean by spiritual. I would suggest that an 
understanding of "powerful forces and mythological powers" may well be a 
decent definition of spirituality as I see it. I don't think spirituality 
is a quality of gods; it is a quality of humans who feel a connection to 
the numinous - whether that is specifically related to a god or not.

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