Memory and Cooper

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Mon Oct 20 11:51:11 EDT 2003

>I would assume that she read it at some point. One does, you know, even if
>one isn't interested in paganism. I can quote the Christian bible and
>often do when I find it amusing (like the story of how Rachel stole her
>father's household gods and kept him from getting them back...)

A fair point - but what she quotes is more than just an anedote, and it's 
more than just a quote in passing. Effectively, she made a religious 
invocation into the device that shapes the plot of a major part of the 
book. Plus, she conflates the quest object of her story and the subject of 
the invocation. I am not saying I don't like it, but I am saying it endows 
the story with a deep spirituality. That's why it's weird that she says she 
is an atheist. I think all the books in the sequence have an underlying 
spirituality. It isn't Christian, but atheist and non-Christian are not 

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