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> From: Irina Rempt [mailto:irina at valdyas.org]
> I've just been rereading Diane Duane's _Stealing the 
> Elf-King's Roses_  and it struck me that it's essentially 
> the same story as _The Merlin Conspiracy_: 
> I can't write a long, reasoned and interesting essay about 
> it, but has anyone else read both? 

Yes. Enjoyed both.

> Any opinions?

No ;)
That is, when I read your post I though, oh, yes, I suppose so; but it
hadn't occurred to me on my own. The feel of the books, the sub-plots and
the.. mechanics, I suppose... of the plots, the things that happen to cause
the plots to move forwards, are very different. 
I guess this is one of those things about readers noticing different aspects
of a book- plots only come to my conscious attention if they're really
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