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Mon Oct 20 08:17:44 EDT 2003

It's good news week.  (Apart from my ISP having some problem that meant I
couldn't send this for a while, that is -- well, I could send it, but it
got to them and then vanished, rather than going where it was meant to...
This post was first written on Sunday.)

According to DWJ's Japanese daughter-in-law, gleefully reporting to DWJ
today, her sister who is still living in Japan says it is almost impossible
to get hold of a copy of *Howl* in Japan, everyone is buying it so they can
read it whilst they wait for the film to come out.

Noriko also says that Miyazaki's films made more money last year than the
rest of the Japanese film industry put together, which led DWJ's John to
contemplate the idea of being rich beyond the dreams of avarice on the
royalties from the film of *Howl*....  Unfortunately DWJ couldn't remember
what her cut of the (putative, potential) Vast Sums is to be, so he was
reduced to saying (as a fall-back position from the Rolls Royce they would
have nowhere to park), "We can eat Duchy of Cornwall biscuits *every day*
if we want to!" -- to which DWJ responded thoughtfully that since he can do
that anyway it wasn't going to change their lives much.

DWJ has just finished the last chapter of the first draft of the new book.



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