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Mon Oct 20 08:17:47 EDT 2003

Deborah remarked (and I don't think this is a spoiler) that she saw
similarities between a character Bujold has written in Paladin and a
previous character in another book.

One similarity that strikes me every time I read a Bujold is that *all* her
characters, male and female, young and old, seem to lift their chins when
they make up their minds to something, or decide on a course of action, or
are trying to conceal the fact they are nervous.

Deborah also said

>I expected not to like this one, because I thought CoC was such a lovely
>standalone book.  But it was fantastic.

It doesn't have the problem with writing more and more about the same
people from the same viewpoint that bedevils the writers of bad sequels,
which I think is very much in its favour.  I thought when I read it (a
while ago, and my bound copy hasn't yet happened) that it was actually
better than CoC, by a whisker -- I may have said something to this effect
at the time, because I was greatly surprised.  Usually I find sequels less
interesting than the first book, unless each book of the series is genuine
stand-alone (but then, that may be one of Bujold's major strengths,that she
writes stand-alone books each time even if they *are* in a sequence...)


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