Susan Cooper

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Mon Oct 20 02:59:30 EDT 2003

I agree with a lot of Melissa's comments on Cooper, but (oh, heresy!) I 
think there is a problem with the memory erasure at the end. The crux for 
me is, that one of the themes of the book is the moral development of the 
children as they deal with the complex issues they are faced with in the 
course of the books. Making them all forget at the end nullifies this 
important theme, and to me, it has been just as important as all the moral 
thematic elements of Light v Dark.

Okay, so maybe it is consistent, but as a reader I still feel betrayed. 
Cooper needed to find a way that they could keep the character development 
they gained, and not make it some slushy romantic ending where Bran is 
clearly going to have a teenage pash on Jenny, and that's the whole extent 
of their maturity.

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