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Fri Oct 10 17:52:42 EDT 2003

Tanaqui wrote:

>> I know about electric-circuit jumpers, but what else can the word mean? Does
>> it really mean different things in different countries, or is it just
>> sometimes replaced with the (rather icky) term "sweater".

If I were making distinctions I'd suggest that a jumper (and a jersey) are
woollen, in English English, where a sweater would probably be a similar
garment in being long-sleeved, not buttoned up the front but pulled on over
the head, but would be made of cotton or somesuch, thicker than t-shirt
material but not so heavy as the woolly jumper.  (Which of course is also a
skittish mountain sheep, but I don't think anyone wears those much even in
books...)  A pullover might be the same shape garment with the same
function, in any material, I s'pose.

The Knowledge Pika replied to part of Tanaqui's post:

>Yup. In America, a piece of clothing called a 'jumper' is a sleeveless
>overdress (for females) worn over a shirt, or toddler/babies 'jumpsuit' or
>'romper'. It's very odd.

In England I *think* we'd probably call that a tunic, or a pinafore-dress,
but I'd have to consult my fashion-aware daughter to be sure.  She'd
probably just say "nobody wears those these days ma, you're so out of
it..." in any case, though.

This is getting like the confusion over "vest" -- either a British warm
woolly winter undergarment for the upper body, or (mostly in the US) what
someone this side of the Atlantic would probably call a waistcoat, worn
outside one's shirt.

Just for the sake of silliness I would add here that apart from items of
clothing, a Jumper can be can be a particular sort of Welsh methodist of a
sect who jumped as part of their chosen method of worship -- as opposed
presumably to the Quakers who quaked, and the Shakers who shook?


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