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<< >How sane he will be, living that lie, presumably depends on how thoroughly
>his mind is raped.  That's what enforced forgetfulness is, to me:
>mind-rape.  I cannot like it, and it tarnishes the Light for me if it is
>the Light that does this thing.

It is so inconsistent with previous policies of the Light, too. Because all 
through the series, Merriman makes hard choices for people, saying the 
Light is not kind. >>

No. It is not. It is all but indestinguishable from the Dark.

That's one of the things that I despise about Cooper in this series. She has 
given us a set of heroes who are "heroes" for no other reason than because she 
tells us so. There seems no other factor apart from longivety to regard them 
as such. They have no respect for the individual human regardless of their 
pronouncements about the "good of humanity".  Anything that furthers their aims 
is permissable and "appropriate".

Typical cold-war thinking.

It reminds me quite forcably of the deeply engrioned corruption in the 
Wizarding World's society as shown us by Rowling in Order of the Phoenix. (Yet 
another series in which wizards casually decide what memories normal people are 
entitled to keep. Rowling is of the proper age to have read Cooper as a child.) 
Except that in Rowling, there is a clear awareness that this is a *problem*. 
You don't ever get that awareness from Cooper.

And I especially respect DWJ's sidestep around this particular issue in Dark 
Lord, where Scales does not take the memory of the attack by the soldiers away 
from Blade's sister (I've blanked on her name), but, instead, "distances" it. 
She remembers it. She knows that it happened. But it is to her as if it 
happened "a long time ago" so it won't keep tripping her up in the middle of the 
present crisis.
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