Millie or Milly?

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Fri Oct 10 08:10:25 EDT 2003

Hi Kristiina!

>I'd like to ask you what Millie's name is in the "original" english edition
>(published in 1977)? Is it Millie or Milly? Could it be that the text has
>been revised or edited for the 2001 edition (the edition I read was published
>in the new Chronicles of Chrestomanci series, in 2001). The translation was
>published in 1980, based on the 1977 edition of Charmed Life.

In the English Puffin of *Charmed Life*, published in 1979, she is Milly.

*But* -- in the first edition *The Lives of Christopher Chant*, published
in 1988 by Methuen, when the Goddess is asked "Then what am I to call you?"
(instead of "the Living Asheth") she replies "Millie, like the girl in the
school books", and I feel pretty confident that this is the same person
Christopher marries when he grows up.

I am told that this is just a case of a mistake having been made at some
point, in a very minor matter of name-spelling, and not corrected, or not
noticed, at proof of some edition.  I has never been the same from book to
book, nor even from one edition to another of the same book.  So it isn't
that the translator changed it, necessarily, but that the edition from
which the translation was made had "Milly".

It is meant to be all "Millie" now, because the stellar Stella is firm that
it ought to be consistent from book to book, but in previous editions it
has varied.

Apparently you are not the first person who has been puzzled by this, and
you probably won't be the last, but there is nothing to be done about it
now that both spellings are in print -- and the author can't remember which
way she thought of it in the first place anyway!

I hope that helps.


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