Millie or Milly?

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I just joined this list, and I have a question to make. I'm a Finnish
translation student, and I'm currenlty writing a translation criticism on the
Finnish translation of Charmed Life. One thing struck me when I was reading
the original (English) version of the book: Chrestomanci's wife is called
Millie in the original version, and Milly in the Finnish translation. I find
this very puzzling, since I can't think of a reason why the translator would
have changed the name of the character (all the other names in the
translation are the same as in the original).

I'd like to ask you what Millie's name is in the "original" english edition
(published in 1977)? Is it Millie or Milly? Could it be that the text has
been revised or edited for the 2001 edition (the edition I read was published
in the new Chronicles of Chrestomanci series, in 2001). The translation was
published in 1980, based on the 1977 edition of Charmed Life. 

I'd be very grateful for even one answer.

By the way, I'm a great fan of DWJ - I read Charmed Life when I was 11, and
I've reread it countless times since then (I'm 23 years now).


Kristiina Hietasaari

English Translation
Department of Language and Translation studies
University of Tampere
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