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>That's neat.  So long as they know what a verb is, of course, and would
>recognise the parts of a verbs as being such, rather than something else.

We have a lesson on verb recognition, yes. I find it hard to teach things 
like sentence fragments (This sentence no verb) without first ensuring verb 
and subject recognition.

>They'd also have to work out what to do with such phrases as "the
>punishment he has so richly deserved", if "has' and "deserved" both look
>like bits of verb (as they do)...  "so richly has deserved' and "has
>deserved so richly" somehow don't either of them work the same way, and I
>have just noticed that "do" and "work" there have also been broken asunder,
>by "either of them".......   and "have" and "been broken" by
>"also".........    aaargh    .....I think I'll just stop now whilst I'm not

When they get to the point of asking these questions, then we have the 
"College of Magics" talk. You can break the rules as long as you do it from 
knowledge, not ignorance.

> >>Like etiquette books they often disagree with one another, in my 
> experience.
> >The solution to this is simple: one should only read Miss Manners.
>Is she sound in the matter of dangling participles?  :-)

She is utterly sound in all matters. Check out her column in the Washington 
She has several books, too.

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