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|Robyn wrote:
|>I was absolutely furious with Cooper when I read the ending of Silver on
|>the Tree. It is such a stupid ending, and it undoes so much of what the
|>books do - what's the point of going to all that trouble to triumph over
|>evil if you forget all about it?
|Heartily seconded; and there is also the remark made by George Santayana,
|that "those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it" --
|how is one supposed to learn from something one can't remember?

And thirded.  A lesson I think she learned for King of Shadows. It's
vital to remember, and in KoS -- a vastly superior book, IMHO, to the
Dark is Rising novels -- she allows that.

Let me remember this, please, when everything else
goes let me remember a goddess laughing after love.
		-- _The Folk of the Air_

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