Memory and Cooper.

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>At the end of *Silver on the Tree* John Rowland says that to forget his
>"wife"'s perfidy and other-worldly status. and to remember her only as a
>human whom he loved and who loved him, would be "living a lie", and I think
>he is right; but the Lady decides on his behalf that he shall forget,
>having pretended to give him a choice.

So like my mother. She used to ask questions like this all the time - Do 
you want milk or juice? - and then when you said juice, she would say 
"well, there isn't any so you have to have milk". When taxed about this 
policy, she said "I like you to think you have free will".

>How sane he will be, living that lie, presumably depends on how thoroughly
>his mind is raped.  That's what enforced forgetfulness is, to me:
>mind-rape.  I cannot like it, and it tarnishes the Light for me if it is
>the Light that does this thing.

It is so inconsistent with previous policies of the Light, too. Because all 
through the series, Merriman makes hard choices for people, saying the 
Light is not kind. So this attempt at "kindness" really doesn't fit with 
the way the Light has operated. I would love to hear Cooper's explanation 
of why she decided on this ending, because it really is like she suddenly 
thought, "everything I have previously written is wrong".

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