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Sat Oct 4 07:13:26 EDT 2003

This is another story that has also been turned into a
TV series (as I have just discovered while checking
out the Internet Movie Data Base for info on the
movie), called "Escape into Night" it was made in 1972
with 6 25 min episodes and starred Vicki Chambers and
Steven Jones. 


--- minnow at wrote:
> Amanda wrote
> > Minnow wrote:
> >
> >"*Marianne Dreams* is definitely one
> >of the books I would hang onto if I had to reduce
> the collection to fit
> >into a single cabin-trunk to emigrate with.
> >There was a radio adaptation a while back, with the
> most terrifying sound
> >effects of the wind in the grass and the voices of
> the stones."
> >Did you know there was a film made of Marianne
> Dreams? It's called Paper
> >House (or Paperhouse) and was made I guess some
> time in the 80's as a horror
> >film. It's actually pretty good and I have a copy I
> found on a car boot
> >stall.
> I think I had heard that, but on the whole I find
> films of books I have
> loved terribly unsatisfactory, so I had forgotten
> again.  If you see what I
> mean.  Is it really up to the standard of the book,
> or is it just a good
> film?
> There isn't really a way to put that, not to have it
> sound as if I think
> films are not as good as books.  What I find is that
> they are so different,
> I have to be careful to think of them as being quite
> different things, and
> that's more difficult if the book and the film are
> meant to be about the
> same thing.  Or something like that.  Somehow I
> don't suppose a book of
> *Some Like It Hot* would be particularly amazing, to
> take an example in the
> other direction.  Or of any Clint Eastwood spaghetti
> western.  Or *The Wild
> One*....
> Then she added:
> >Two more things - I actaully meant Minnow rather
> than Minniw (!) and I also
> >meant to add "which I am happy to lend out if you
> promise nicely to return
> >it!"
> I can handle being Minniw, I expect.  I only get
> stroppy about some
> versions of the name: Minah and Minna seem a bit
> more careless, or wilful
> rather than being merely a trypo.  :-)
> If you're talking about a video, I *think* there is
> a machine somewhere in
> the house that can play one of those, and if there
> is, one of the assorted
> brats probably knows how to operate it...  I'm told
> I am reasonably
> reliable about returning books, so I expect the same
> would apply to videos,
> it just hasn't ever happened.
> Minnow
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