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Fri Oct 3 16:01:39 EDT 2003

Ven wrote:

>Under randomfandom our own MInnow is to be found
>being amusing about her thrombosis. I hope that's
>getting better Minnow. I wish I could be funny
>about being ill. When I broke my leg a few years
>ago it came with a free sense of humour bypass
>and a bucket of sulks, "That's not funny" I would
>growl if anyone dared to play about on my
>crutches. "I'm not watching you."

Yes, but it *is* funny!  For years, my standard
response to minor ailments (sprained ankle, cut
thumb, and such) has been to say "Oh well, it's
not life-threatening" in a mild way when people
sympathise.  I was doing this all September for
the leg that hurt.  Actually of course it *was*
life-threatening....  :-)  (Serves me right...)

'Sides, you have met DWJ.  She hurts more than I
like to think about, probably a hundred days in
each year.  When she's hurting, she is much the
same, to talk with her, as she was at the pubmeet;
the only way you can tell is that her face looks
*grey* when the pain is really bad.  With an
example like hers, I would feel a complete fraud
if I didn't at least *try* to be cheerful when
I'm in nothing like as much pain as she often is.

Not being Pollyanna, truly.  Just not wanting to
feel ashamed of myself!

(Yes, it is getting less owch.  I have the rat-
poison for at least six months, and No Alcohol
all that time, which is a bit of a bore...)


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