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Thu Oct 2 17:44:20 EDT 2003

Amanda wrote
> Minnow wrote:
>"*Marianne Dreams* is definitely one
>of the books I would hang onto if I had to reduce the collection to fit
>into a single cabin-trunk to emigrate with.
>There was a radio adaptation a while back, with the most terrifying sound
>effects of the wind in the grass and the voices of the stones."

>Did you know there was a film made of Marianne Dreams? It's called Paper
>House (or Paperhouse) and was made I guess some time in the 80's as a horror
>film. It's actually pretty good and I have a copy I found on a car boot

I think I had heard that, but on the whole I find films of books I have
loved terribly unsatisfactory, so I had forgotten again.  If you see what I
mean.  Is it really up to the standard of the book, or is it just a good

There isn't really a way to put that, not to have it sound as if I think
films are not as good as books.  What I find is that they are so different,
I have to be careful to think of them as being quite different things, and
that's more difficult if the book and the film are meant to be about the
same thing.  Or something like that.  Somehow I don't suppose a book of
*Some Like It Hot* would be particularly amazing, to take an example in the
other direction.  Or of any Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.  Or *The Wild

Then she added:

>Two more things - I actaully meant Minnow rather than Minniw (!) and I also
>meant to add "which I am happy to lend out if you promise nicely to return

I can handle being Minniw, I expect.  I only get stroppy about some
versions of the name: Minah and Minna seem a bit more careless, or wilful
rather than being merely a trypo.  :-)

If you're talking about a video, I *think* there is a machine somewhere in
the house that can play one of those, and if there is, one of the assorted
brats probably knows how to operate it...  I'm told I am reasonably
reliable about returning books, so I expect the same would apply to videos,
it just hasn't ever happened.


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