Slightly OT: fairy tales

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Thu Oct 2 15:53:32 EDT 2003


>Our instructor clarified in class on Tuesday that at least one should be
>a picture book, but that the other two could be for any age, even adults.
>The key thing she wants for this assignment is that the versions of the
>tale be vwry different in any numebr of ways, such as style of language,
>setting, etc--as different from each other as possible, as that is to be
>the point of our paper: a comparison of how different fairy tale versions
>can be while still telling the same basic story.

I haven't even been reading posts carefully, so apologies if this has 
been mentioned already, but _The Rough-Face Girl_ might make a really 
good picture-book Cinderella to compare with others, like _Ella 

On the recommendations (thanks for sharing the list btw), just wanted 
to add that my two have read _Saffy's Angel_ and _Indigo Star_, 
(Hilary McKay) and heartily recommend both.  And what about Virginia 
Euwer Wolff?   _Make Lemonade_ and _The Mozart Season_ are both more 
than 5 years old, but I think I heard she had some more recent, 
possibly even a sequel to _Make Lemonade_.  Someone here will know! 
Definitely non-fantastical and well worth reading.


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