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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
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>I'm pulling together some sessions for a local writers conference and I
>some session ideas.  Basically I am going to post an open request for
>presenters, but want to include concrete session titles and ideas.  Any of
>you writers have favorite subjects you like to hear about, or think are
>useful to beginning writers?

Once upon a time I was lucky enough to take part in Orson Scott Card's "1000
Plots in an Hour" workshop.  You might try running something like that;
IIRC, he describes it in one of his books on writing, and suggests that
other people/workshop leaders use it, so I don't think you'd be stepping on

Basically, as I recall it, he started off by getting the audience to pick a
theme (with some direction from him); ours was "the price of magic".  And
then he just keeps getting people to shout out ideas, and writes them all on
the board, and for each "section" he/the group chooses one and people shout
more ideas from there, and so on.

We ended up, after an hour, with the idea that the price of magic is the
life of the person the magician most loves.  And I wrote a story based on
it, too.

(I hope this description makes sense; you might want to find Card's book and
actually check out how he describes it.  Your local library should have it.)

Another thing your beginning/intermediate writers could probably use would
be "The Idiot's Guide to Publication" - a seminar on how getting published
requires persistence not a Secret Key, which markets have good/bad reps, the
importance of reading and following guidelines (sometimes I want to scream
at the idiots who submit to me!), where to find market information (and
possibly how to interpret it), how to spot the scam artists, etc.


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