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Fri Nov 28 15:10:24 EST 2003

I've just got copies of the two new paperbacks from Gollancz/Orion, *A
Sudden Wild Magic* and *Deep Secret*, with cover art by David Wyatt, and I
reckon the art as stunningly good.  The back-cover blurbs aren't too bad
either -- I mean, back covers are usually either inaccurate or too
informative, but with these two I think the balance is very nearly right
between saying nothing at all and saying far too much.  In fact (I'm
beginning to feel like an employee of the publisher, which I amn't!) apart
from both books having the same quote from the Daily Telegraph on the front
at the top, I think these may be the best covers I've seen for a longish

I'd still rate "all four Dalemark books as a paperback set" highest, just
for that panorama, but I think these are second on my list now.  And I'd
have trouble deciding which of them is better.

Anyone else?


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